WALLBODZ are printed on high quality durable photographic vinyl that will adhere to a clean smooth flat interior surface.


The quality of your WALLBODZ completely depends on the quality of the image you send in.

A minimum of a 3.5 megapixel camera set in the highest resolution is suggested. The higher the megapixels are the better your WALLBODZ will look. For motion shots a fast shutter might be required.

If you are sending a scanned image a 300 DPI Scanner is recommended. A scanned image must be scanned in a high resolution setting.

If your photo does not allow us to create a high quality WALLBODZ we will contact you immediately.

WALLBODZ must be applied on a clean, flat, smooth surface.

Begin by laying your WALLBODZ flat for a minimum of 12 hours before you hang it.

Clean your wall with a wet towel. DO NOT CLEAN WITH SOAP OR ANY HOUSEHOLD CLEANING AGENTS. Surface must be completely clean and dry before applying your WALLBODZ.

During installation use a dry towel or a new clean dry paint roller to eliminate air bubbles.

Start from the top and peel back a few inches of the paper backing.

Press the WALLBODZ to the wall. From underneath, slowly peel the paper backing a little at a time, all the while pressing your WALLBODZ against the wall, working your way down from top to bottom.

You can peel off the paper backing all at once but you must be careful not to touch anything to the adhesive side of your WALLBODZ.

Prepare your new clean, flat, smooth surface just as you did with the first application.

Carefully peel your WALLBODZ from the original wall, and apply it to the new wall as you did with the first application.

Save the original paper backing. Lay the paper backing out, carefully peel your WALLBODZ from the wall and lay it back down on the paper backing.


When it comes to WALLBODZ the rules are pretty simple: Peel it and stick it on the wall. Later, you can unpeel it, move it and stick it on the wall again.

We want your WALLBODZ to provide you with years of pride and pleasure. With that in mind there are 4 very important things you need to know:

  1. DO NOT LET THE WALLBODZ STICK TO ITSELF. Nothing loves a WALLBODZ more than a WALLBODZ and once the bond is made it can be difficult getting the pieces apart.
  2. WALLBODZ WORK BEST ON A CLEAN INTERIOR SURFACE. When we say clean we just mean you should wipe down the wall with a wet (not soapy) cloth and let it dry.
  3. WALLBODZ WORK BEST ON A SMOOTH SURFACE. When we say smooth walls it means that textured walls, textured wallpaper, cinder blocks and other uneven surfaces WILL NOT work. 
  4. WALLBODZ WORK BEST ON AN INTERIOR SURFACE. When we say interior room we mean a climate controlled room NOT a wall in your cold garage.


We guarantee that we will provide you with high quality products and service, with a 15-day money back guarantee. You may return your WALLBODZ if you are not satisfied with the image quality, or if your graphic is damaged. Contact us within 15 days of delivery and do not remove your WALLBODZ from the paper backing.

If your WALLBODZ has been removed from its original paper backing it cannot be returned.

If your WALLBODZ packaging is damaged in any way please do not accept it. Contact us at once and we will produce a new WALLBODZ and send it to you immediately.


What payment methods to you accept?

We accept PayPal.


By transmitting the design, the customer assures WALLBODZ that no rights of a third party are thereby violated. Any copyright violations are the full responsibility of the customer. The customer must insure that any designs in no way infringe the rights of third parties. WALLBODZ may, in appropriate circumstances and at its discretion, discontinue and/or terminate the orders of users who may be repeat infringers of copyright violations.

The customer will exempt WALLBODZ upon first request of all demands and requirements incurring from third-party rights violations. The customer must refund all arising costs of the defense and other damage to WALLBODZ. WALLBODZ can demand advance payments of an estimated amount of the defense costs.

The customer is required to give WALLBODZ immediate written notice of a claim of third-party rights violations.