For best results, read through our guidelines and upload the best possible photograph for reproduction. This includes a clear focus of your subject, providing the largest file size possible from your camera, and submitting only original photos and artwork.

Accepted Formats:

Pixel Size:
1800+ pixels

Digital file ownership or permission is required

How Will I Know If My Image Meets The Requirements?
Don't worry. If the file you uploaded does not meet our requirements we will contact you immediately for a new photo or issue a full refund.

How Should I Set My Camera?
For best results use a 3 megapixel or higher camera. Make sure your camera is set to take the highest resolution possible (fine or superfine). Please refer to your camera's instructions for help, many cameras are pre-set on a default low setting.

What Size Print Should I Order?
This simple chart below will help you to select the best possible size of enlargement for your camera resolution. Large & sharp photographs work best.

Will My Printed File Look The Same As My Upload?
Yes, it will look the same as the photo you uploaded as long as you follow the chart above.
NOTE: when having a photo enlarged, blurry areas of your photo or small imperfections will be much more noticeable on a larger photograph.

Will You Let me Know If My Photo Is Not Usable?
If the photograph submitted will not print clearly or we have any doubt about the quality of the print we will contact you and ask for a replacement file. If the file is of low quality and we cannot reproduce it we will issue a refund.

Will My Order Be Professionally Printed?
YES! All orders are prepped, printed, cut and boxed at Wallbodz USA office. Every order is printed in full color on our 6 color state-of-the-art digital press to your exact specifications.

Can I Upload A File I Found On The Internet?
In most cases, No. Files found on the internet do not comply with our copyright policy unless they are your files, and most will not have a high enough resolution to meet our criteria for enlargement.

What Is Your Copyright Policy?
We will not reproduce photography or artwork that is copyright protected. This includes any photograph you have not personally taken & any artwork you have not created — without consent from the original photographer or artist. We reserve the right to refuse and refund any file that is uploaded and found to be questionable.

If you are ordering a logo or mascot CutOut for a business or school, your artwork must be shipped to the business/school address so we can verify you are authorized to reproduce the logo.


By transmitting the design, the customer assures WALLBODZ that no rights of a third party are thereby violated. Any copyright violations are the full responsibility of the customer. The customer must insure that any designs in no way infringe the rights of third parties. WALLBODZ may, in appropriate circumstances and at its discretion, discontinue and/or terminate the orders of users who may be repeat infringers of copyright violations.

The customer will exempt WALLBODZ upon first request of all demands and requirements incurring from third-party rights violations. The customer must refund all arising costs of the defense and other damage to WALLBODZ. WALLBODZ can demand advance payments of an estimated amount of the defense costs.

The customer is required to give WALLBODZ immediate written notice of a claim of third-party rights violations.


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